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2017 Student Assembly Strategic Plan

Published: Feb 6, 2017

Adopted January 19, 2017 

Goal 1: Empower students as future early career professionals to find VALUE in their APTA membership.

Objective A: Increase understanding of student membership within the Student Assembly.

  • Strategy 1: Educate students on the value of APTA membership. 
  • Strategy 2: Educate students on the composition of the APTASA. 

Objective B: Enhance knowledge and engagement within the Student Assembly. 

  • Strategy 1: Increase student involvement within all components of APTA. 
  • Strategy 2: Utilize transparent communication to improve engagement within the Student Assembly.
  • Strategy 3: Actively seek feedback from the Student Assembly.

Objective C: Encourage student transition to early career professional membership within APTA.

  • Strategy 1: Investigate needs of students as they transition into new professionals.
  • Strategy 2: Promote continued membership within APTA.
  • Strategy 3: Early Career Team education.

Goal 2: Promote the advancement of the physical therapy PROFESSION to better serve the needs of society.

Objective A: Increase awareness of APTA's Vision.

  • Strategy 1: Promote the APTA Vision to students.

Objective B: Facilitate student involvement in advocacy efforts.

  • Strategy 1: Promote engagement in legislative advocacy at the state level.
  • Strategy 2: Promote engagement in legislative advocacy at the national level.

Objective C: Facilitate student involvement in the APTA House of Delegates.

  • Strategy 1: Increase awareness of the APTA House of Delegates.
  • Strategy 2: Increase understanding of the APTA House of Delegates.
  • Strategy 3: Increase participation in the APTA House of Delegates.

Objective D: Encourage professionalism as a student of physical therapy.

  • Strategy 1: Promote and continue to develop cultural competency within the Student Assembly.
  • Strategy 2: Promote interprofessional collaboration and improved interprofessional relations.

Goal 3: Improve COMMUNICATION across the spectrum of all students and professionals.

Objective A: Implement effective communication strategies from SABoD to Student Assembly.

  • Strategy 1: Develop and distribute material to communicate with new and prospective members.
  • Strategy 2: Develop and distribute material to communicate with current members.
  • Strategy 3: Develop and distribute material to communicate with transitioning student members.
  • Strategy 4: Develop innovative social and interactive media to complement existing avenues.

Objective B: Implement effective communication strategies to connect Student Assembly members to each other.

  • Strategy 1: Facilitate communication between all students.
  • Strategy 2: Facilitate networking opportunities for students and professionals.
  • Strategy 3: Maintain and explore new opportunities to obtain student feedback.
  • Strategy 4: Promote examples of current student involvement in existing APTA opportunities via social media.

Objective C: Implement effective communication strategies between Student Assembly and external stakeholders.

  • Strategy 1: Improve communication between Student Assembly and APTA sections.
  • Strategy 2: Maintain communication with past SABoD members.
  • Strategy 3: Promote APTA initiatives to consumers and other health care professionals.
  • Strategy 4: Identify external stakeholders who would benefit from collaboration with APTASA.

View a PDF version of the 2016-2017 APTA Student Assembly Strategic Plan

Want to learn more about the APTA Student Assembly Strategic Plan? Email your APTASA Student Board at

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