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Con Ed Course Review

Posted: Jun 1, 2018

On April 21st, the Early Professional Special Interest Group hosted a lecture with Suzanne O’Neal, PT, DPT, NCS, Tanya Lee, PT, DPT, NCS, and Jame Nesbit, PT, DPT, NCS, GCS on Evaluation and Treatment of Vestibular Disorders: Inpatient to Outpatient Physical Therapy.

The following review was completed by Christina Forrey. She graduated from NAU this past fall and is currently working for Kinect Physical Therapy.

1.  What was it that interested you about attending the Vestibular Course?

I attended the Vestibular Exam and Treatment course because I believed that I could use more in-depth training on the topic than what I had been exposed to in PT school.  In my current outpatient setting there are some patients that I have treated for orthopedic issues that have also presented with vestibular signs and symptoms; and I wasn’t fully confident in performing a full vestibular exam and providing meaningful treatment.  I wanted to increase my clinical knowledge on the topic in order to better serve my patients.            

2. What were you able to take back into the clinic with you from the lecture?

This lecture went very in-depth in anatomy and how it correlates with specific exam findings.  I now know proper exam techniques and sequencing as well as patient communication and education.

3 What information or clinical pearls did you learn that was new information/interesting/different than what you have been taught previously?

I left with a greater understanding of anatomy and its relation to exam findings, which will be helpful when working through an exam in real time as well as with patient education.  I also left with a greater understanding of how to educate the patient and reduce their anxiety during the exam and treatment. 

4. Have you attended an EPSIG educational session before? What was you impression of the structure of this class?

I have attended the PNF Interventions for Lumbar Spine Patients through Phoenix Manual Therapy as well as this session.  Both courses were structured very cohesively. This Vestibular course began with a lecture regarding anatomy, then a lecture and lab on evaluation, followed by a lab portion for treatment.  All the instructors were very helpful and eager to answer questions and provide tips and tricks for patient handling and care.

5. What was your overall impression of the class?

I found this class extremely beneficial! I will be taking what I’ve learned and applying it in clinic.


Thank you to Christina for your feedback of the event, and thank you to all of the therapists who attended! If you are interested in future events from the EP SIG, fill out the EP SIG Application Form to be added to our email list and learn of upcoming networking and educational events.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at
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