About Us APTA Arizona PAC Donate and Info

What is the APTA Arizona PAC?

The Arizona Physical Therapy Association Political Action Committee raises funds for and provides financial assistance to, Arizona public officials who actively support the PT profession. When you donate to the APTA Arizona PAC you are helping your profession to be visible in the legislative and political process. Your investment helps give the PT profession a voice in helping elect lawmakers who pass laws and regulations that affect PTs and PTAs EVERY DAY.

What are the APTA Arizona PAC objectives?

The objectives of the PAC are to promote the profession and to support candidates running for the Arizona State House and Senate that are sensitive to the issues that affect your profession. A vibrant and strong PAC will help the profession counter the political influences of insurers and other health care professionals who want to control the practice of Physical Therapy.

What does the APTA Arizona PAC do for me?

By contributing to the APTA Arizona PAC, you can have increased ability to contact your local legislators; increased ability to be perceived as a local health care leader; increased opportunity to affect a legislator's image of your facility and physical therapy services and increased success in shaping health care policy in Arizona.

Who can contribute to the APTA Arizona PAC?

Any individual or company can contribute to the APTA Arizona PAC. You can donate online here, or send a check payable to APTA Arizona PAC to 4409 N Camino Gacela, Tucson, AZ 85718.

Can I make an anonymous APTA Arizona PAC contributions?

No. We are required to report to the Secretary of State and this information is publicly available.

Are contributions tax-deductible?

Contributions made to political campaigns and political action committees are NOT tax-deductible and are reported to the Secretary of State.