District 5 - Virtual Meeting - Mindful Leadership


All Member are welcome to attend.

April 20, 2021
6:30 - 7:30 PM

Title of Presentation: Mindful Leadership

Brett’s talk will focus on the Leader within each of us and how we can maximize our influence and effectiveness through humility, curiosity, and conscious choice of attitude. He will share practical lessons and tools that you can use to be an effective Leader whether you are Leading a team or trying to motivate a challenging client. As human beings, we inadvertently place so many barriers in our own way with our ego, assumptions, fears, and judgments. When we are in self-aware and able to manage our emotions, we can choose thoughtful reactions and create an environment where people flourish. This allows the full potential of the team to be unleashed. This short talk will shed light on how we can get out of our own way to be the great leader we are all capable of being.  

Brett Larson, BSIE, MBA, CPC, ELI-MP 

Brett is a Leadership Development Program Manager at WL Gore and Associates. He has a BS in Industrial Engineering from the University of Michigan and an MBA from Colorado University.  Brett has been a Leader at varying levels for 30 years and has spent much of that time developing other Leaders and Leadership teams.  In 2018 Brett received his certification as a Professional Coach, and today he helps Leaders learn how to create a climate of psychological safety that enables peak performance. His approach includes developing individual and team emotional intelligence toward creating a strong, functional team based on trust, honesty, and authenticity. These attributes not only grow bottom line profitability, they create an environment of mutual respect and accountability that maximizes job satisfaction.  When employees enjoy their working environment and their basic needs of autonomy, relatedness and mastery are met, the organization produces great business results.

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