District 4 is hosting a Virtual Meeting - September 16th

Thursday, September 16th,  6:30-7:30 pm (HOSTED BY DISTRICT 4)

Title: Pelvic health contributors to hip and lumbar pain

Presenter: Chantel Doyon, PT, DPT; Nick Rainey, PT, DPT

Lecture Topic: If you see patients with low back or hip pain then this lecture is you. There are often pelvic health conditions such as pelvic floor muscle pain, obturator internus muscle pain, constipation, endometriosis, and incontinence that contribute to low back and hip pain.  We will describe what to look for and what to do it about it. 

Bio: Dr. Chantel Doyon and Dr. Nick Rainey are physical therapists at Rainey Pain & Performance in Sierra Vista. They focus on treating orthopaedic and pain conditions and always addressing related pelvic health conditions. Both are Board Certified Clinical Specialists in Orthopaedic Physical Therapy.

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