PTA SIG Meeting - Virtual

WALK the WALK: Maximizing Gait Training in Individuals Post-CVA

Have you ever felt stagnant in your interventions when it comes to gait training for that post-CVA? Do you struggle with how to push your patients to the intensity that is required for their recovery? This course is a 60-minute intro to maximizing your patient's sessions to prioritize gait and a review of the research that supports high-intensity gait training in the majority of phases of stroke rehabilitation - complete with multiple videos of actual patient examples to assist in expanding your treatment toolbox.
Haylie Leighton PT, DPT, NCS is a current practicing PT and clinical director at Advanced Neurologic Rehabilitation. She has experience treating individuals post-stroke from the subacute inpatient rehabilitation setting to the chronic phases in an outpatient setting. Dr. Leighton is a board-certified neurologic clinical specialist, LSVT big certified, dry-needling certified, and has advanced training in manual and vestibular therapy.

One CEU Contact Hour

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