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Webinar - Hosted by District 4

Wednesday, August 12th, 6-7 pm

Title: Evaluation and Treatment of the Cyclist

Presenter:  Kirstin Weible, PT, ScD

Topic: Recreational and competitive cyclists make up a growing population in the physical therapy clinical setting. This group presents a a unique set of injuries, overuse syndromes, pain, and dysfunction. Understanding the common pathologies are seen in this group of patients and how to readily identify and treat them will make clinical sessions more effective and efficient. Additionally, a comprehensive approach to these patients that also involves their position on their bicycle and how and when to change the components that can alter that position in order to reduce pain, injury, and the dysfunction will further improve the clinician’s ability to treat these patients most effectively.

Presenter Bio: Kirstin Weible, PT ScD, is a physical therapist who has been working in the Tucson area for 5 years focusing on outpatient orthopedic manual therapy. She initially worked as a traveling physical therapist for 5 years, which brought her to Tucson in 2013, and she has since made this her home. Kirstin attended the University of Findlay for physical therapy school. Since then, she achieved her credentials as a Certified Orthopedic Manual Therapist (COMT) in the treatment of the spine as well as the lower extremity. In March 2020, Kirstin finished her Doctorate of Science degree at Texas Tech University. Kirstin has completed the BikePT training course where she began to develop her skills as a bicycle retrofit specialist from the standpoint of not only bike adjustments, but also assessment and treatment of the rider. Kirstin now works at The Motive Physical Therapy Specialists in Oro Valley as an outpatient orthopedic manual therapist where she sees patients with a variety of conditions in addition to providing bicycle retrofits to patients with pain or dysfunction while riding.

District 4 Representative: Jennifer Zoucha

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