Practice Federal Governmental Affairs Committee

The Federal Government Affairs Committee is made up of members who have agreed to be key contacts to our Arizona Members of Congress. They lobby Members of Congress to support issued that are important to physical therapists and also keep AzPTA members aware of those issues.  When needed they request AzPTA members in their Districts to encourage them to contact their Representatives and Senators to ask them to vote in favor of or opposition to selected Bills.

Meeting Recaps and Additional Resources

AzPTA Federal Affairs Committee meetings are held periodically throughout the year, usually telephonically.  Contact Committee Chair, Phil Tygiel ( if you would like to join the committee.

Federal Affairs Forum 2017 Recap

On March 28, 2017 nine physical therapists and three physical therapy students from the Arizona Physical Therapy Association were in Washington DC to lobby Congress in support of legislation benefitting physical therapy and its patients.

Physical Therapists, representing Arizona were John Heick, PT(AZ1), Phil Tygiel, PT(AZ2),Marie Boone, PT (AZ4), Sean Flannigan, PT (Az5), Cynthia Driskell, PT (AZ6), Heidi Jannenga PT (AZ7), Erik Bassett, PT (AZ8), Pam Bosch, PT (AZ9) and Amy Gulledge, PT(Az9).The Student physical therapists were Jessica Gruca from ATSU and Matt Rysdik and Chris Campbell, both of NAU, Flagstaff.

All Arizona Senate and House offices were visited. The two main bills that were lobbied for were (H.R.807/S.253) The Medicare Access to Rehabilitation Services Act, which would repeal the Therapy cap on outpatient rehabilitation services and (H.R. 1639/S.619) the Physical Therapist Workforce and Patient Access Act which will allow physical therapists to participate in the National Health Service Corps Loan Repayment Program if the practice in underserved areas.  Thus far only Congressman Grijalva is officially signed on to those bills as a co sponsor. We are waiting to hear for the other offices.

A bill dealing with physical therapists and other health professionals being able to legally cross State lines to attend to sports teams they are associated with was discussed in the Senate offices. It already passed the House.   Another issue of concern was a pending Youth Concussion and Safe Play Act.

Key Contacts

District Key Contact Key Contact Email Address
01 Brian Schmitz
01 Meghan Warren
01 John Heick
01 Don Berlyn
01 Matt Rysdik
01 Chris Campbell
02 Phil Tygiel
03 Phil Tygiel
04 Marie Boone
05 Sean Flannigan
05 Jessica Gruca
06 Cynthia Driskell
06 Liz Sinish
07 Heidi Jannenga
08 Erik Bassett
08 Byron Russell
08 Peter Zawicki
09 Helene Fearon
09 Pam Bosch
09 Jennifer Hinsberger
09 Amy  Gulledge
McCain John Heick
Flake Phil Tygiel

Bill Profile Reports

Title Type Size
pdf DPT_ToDor_not_ to_D pdf 135 KB Download
pdf Support Statement DPT pdf 147 KB Download
pdf DPT Position Statement pdf 44 KB Download
pdf Therapy Cap Repeal Legislation (113-HR713) pdf 71 KB Download