The Arizona PTA SIG (AZ PTA SIG) was established in 1999. The first official meeting was held on March 30, 1999. Deborah Bornmann, PTA is credited with the establishment of this group in Arizona.

The object of the AzPTASIG is the object of the American Physical Therapy Association and the Arizona Chapter as stated in their Bylaws. In addition, this group is to provide a means for the AZPTA to meet and promote the interests of Physical Therapists Assistants.


Special interest groups are developed to fulfill the following purposes:

  1. Serve as a conduit for PTA members to be integrated into chapter activities, including special need of the chapter.
  2. Provide opportunities for PT/PTA members to discuss issues related to education, licensure, practice, governance and other professional issues.
  3. Promote the PT/PTA team in the clinic and within the Association.
  4. Provide a leadership development opportunity for PTAs.
  5. Promote PTA membership at the grass roots.
  6. Keep the PTA community apprised of activities on a national level that directly affect the PTA.


  • SIGs may charge dues, however, the AzPTASIG does not currently charge dues.
  • The AzPTASIG is under the jurisdiction of the AzPTA Board of Directors.


  1. Participate as volunteers at the Special Olympics Annual Field and Track Events each March by working in the Awards tents.
  2. Represent the AZ PTA SIG at the AzPTA Board of Directors meetings.
  3. Represent the state, by sending the PTA Caucus Representative to the House of Delegates meetings each year.
  4. Provide educational opportunities specifically designed to meet the educational needs of the PTA.


Work as a support group to promote the revision to the supervision laws that became effective in 2005 by writing letters to the Legislators and attending the hearing.

Community Contributions:

The PTA SIG held their first annual shoe drive – “Steppin’ Out for Kids” – in August, 2010. Shoes were collected at the PTA Update and the drive culminated at the APTA-AZ Fall Conference in October2010. Approximately 150 shoes and $150 in gift cards were donated to two shelters for victims of domestic violence.

Membership to the AZ PTA SIG is voluntary. All AzPTASIG members continue to belong, pay dues to and receive benefits from APTA and the Arizona Chapter.